Vacationing soon? Here's our tips for packing

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What pack for vacations (ski, beach, city)
Whether you’re headed to the ski resorts of Banff, a beach weekend in Vancouver or the old Quebec City (or perhaps all), you’ll need some trendy outfits to carry along with you.
If you have no clue what to take with you, here are some of our picks for trendy vacation outfit ideas to help you pull off your next trip in style.
For a ski vacation
If you think fashion has to take a backseat when you’re hitting the slopes, think again. You can definitely rock function with the form with a good use of layering. Pack several warm tops with a thinner fabric that you can easily layer. Go with the classics – warm turtlenecks, wooly cardigan and oversized, padded parkas, and stay cozy throughout the day. Don’t forget to pack in your thermal leggings. They are slim, comfortable, and you can pair them inside your jeans or ski trousers to keep your legs warm in below freezing conditions.
For those few off-slope moments, when you’re chilling at the lodge, a long-sleeved dress or a tunic paired with jeans or tights can help you look casual yet stylish. For footwear, there’s nothing more chic and practical than winter boots. Also, bring your favorite socks, scarves, gloves, and beanies along.
For a beach vacation
You’re more likely to spend your vacation soaking up the heat in your swimsuit, so pick the one that looks the best on you. Go bold with the colors – red, yellow, or pink. Pack cover-ups and sundresses that go along with your swimwear. For a comfortable walk on the sand and seashells, go with flip-flops. A floppy hat will help to keep the sun away as you lounge about, so carry that too. For the romantic evenings on the beach or a night party with your crew, pack a maxi dress or a skirt¸ and a pair or more of dress sandals. Pairing your outfit with a pair of cute sunglasses would look good if you want to unwind in the calm and tranquil ambiance of the place or take a walk around the town.
For a city vacation
You should be a practical packer – consider the temperature, climate and the cultural affiliations of the city you’re traveling to. Choose outfits that you are most comfortable in. Comfort and confidence go hand in hand, and being confident can really accentuate your style and personality. An easygoing t-shirt, casual jacket, basic denim or tailored joggers, flats or low heel and statement jewelry are some of the best travel-friendly styles. Pack your favorite pants that go well with two or three of your shirts to make more room for shopping during your trip.

We know it can get rather challenging to pack different outfits for different travel destinations. But, looking your best everywhere you go – in the most comfortable and in-trend outfits, is worth a day or two of planning in our books.

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