Trending colors of 2018

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Colors command trends and vogue, they are the essence of the up and coming fashion fads. The color of your outfit is the first thing that people are going to notice and it will portray what you want to present. This is likely why the choice of color is necessary for people who want to stand out and make a statement, whether in the fashion industry or in everyday life.

To help you make a persuasive first impression, here are four color trends for 2018 based on the color trend forecast from leading fashion designers. These colors have the potential to rejuvenate your wardrobes with young and trendy vibes so that you can achieve a look that turns head.

Cherry Red

Cherry Red is an alluring red that is undeniably a remarkable shade when talking about the trending colors. Exciting, striking and wild, it’s indeed a head-turner that can certainly add gleam and glamour to your looks. Tones of red have always been on the trending-lists, but they have become even more sensational and suggestive with cherry red. The red color is indeed timeless, which is why it’s one of the favoured picks of every designer.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is another splendid shade on this list of trending colors of 2018. Apart from being universally pleasant, it’s a very youthful and unconventional color intended to stand for the spirited and feminine side of a woman. Even though the tone is muted, Sky Blue still succeeds to appear dynamic and lively.


In general, blue-green might not be the most thrilling shade. But with teal, all of that changes. It’s one of the most talked about colors this year. Why, you ask? Because it has a delightful and refreshing feel to it that doesn’t get boring after a while, and always seems impressive and appealing. It’s also trending because of how easily anyone can pull this color off. Teal is the ideal choice of color if you need something that’s both chic and relaxed, at the same time.

True Yellow

It has been scientifically established that yellow is the happiest color on the color palette. And true yellow doesn’t fall short on that claim. It's a very approachable and gracious color, but also stylish and exquisite. You should add  yellow to your wardrobe if you want to have that undeniably chic look.

While you can certainly benefit from the trending colors of 2018 to up your style game, you should rather focus on keeping a balance between your individual inclinations and the trending colors. Consider what would look the best on you and become a trendsetter this year.

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