Prom styles that will never come back

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If you had to promptly guess what prom is all about, what would you have suggested? Romantic gestures? Big reveal? Ball? Teenage experience? - Wrong on all counts. Prom is and has always been all about dresses. What do you think, when women look back at their group photographs from their prom night, do they say “Hey, there’s my 20 best friends” or “OMG! Look at my dress”?  

Prom dresses have evolved from the exemplary, feminine fashions of the ‘40s to the bell-cuffs of the ‘70s to the contemporary, neat unadorned dresses girls are eyeing today. Naturally, what would have been stylish decades ago might not make the cut for 2018 prom trends – which makes revisiting the prom styles from the past even more fun. 

Here is what the most popular prom styles have been through the decades, styles which are never coming back (and for the collective sake of humanity, we hope they don’t). 

Long skirts with baggy sleeves  

The prom style every girl was longing for in the 50s was a long skirt with full and loose-fitting sleeves. These satiny pencil dresses did indeed look beautiful and chic, no contradictions there. However, walking in these heavy and cramping long dresses was no simple task. Imagine donning crushing, ground-sweeping attire and having no choice but to walk at a sluggish pace that repels the dates away. Props to all the ladies who managed to pull this dress off back in the day. 

Poufy-bottom with multi-jeweled top 

Easily one of the most familiar prom trends ever, this cupcake look was all the rage in the 80s and the 90s. Well-documented in TV shows and movies from the times, the ‘Cinderella’ look had an inflated bottom with a blinged-out top. This style looked out of place for several reasons - the lines never looked neat with so much going on and the overall design was just too in-your-face.  

Puffed ballerina dress  

A true prom classic, ballerina prom dress was transcendent for girls who wanted to look friendly and sweet. What it was not noted for – making them look stylish. In retrospect, if you see a dress that looks like it has been rented from ancient Greeks, put it back on the rack.  

The 2018 prom season is almost here and that calls for some serious considerations. Settling upon what they should wear for the night is no less than a challenge for girls. The above-mentioned catastrophic trends never saw the light of the day (fortunately) - and that's the good thing about trends. Their very nature is subjected to change every now and then.  

Therefore, unless you want to look like someone who follows style trends from 80s sitcoms, you should look at the latest trends from leading designers such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, and Valentino. You can consider the top trends for 2018 – like metallic tones, open back, delicate pastels, and simple cutsOpt for the best so that you stay as dazzling and beautiful as you would have liked

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