A girls guide to dress codes!

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Decoding the dresses for every occasion: A woman’s guide

Dressing for a fancy event can be both thrilling and challenging for the ladies. Whether it is choosing the perfect prom costume, attending a conference, or preparing for a wedding, ensuring that your attire is on point and satisfies the dress code of the event is essential, and stressful.

So, here we are, breaking down three of the most intricate dress codes to get you on the right foot – precisely what to wear, and what to avoid.

Black-Tie Dress Code

A valuable rule of thumb: Black-Tie is the standard dress code for most formal social events. While the name is literally derived from a men’s outfit, it’s critical for you to realize that your outfit should also be appropriate for the event.

Traditionally, floor-length gowns have been a staple of women’s black-tie event attire, and rightfully so. Long gowns exude elegance and sophistication. As far as the selection of color goes, you can either play it safe – stick with black or metallic shades, or you can throw in some life to your attire and get earthy tones. Oh, and you can certainly wear white for black tie events. Who says white is only confined to weddings? White, as plain as it may seem, can draw in a lot of attention.

Black-Tie Optional Wedding Dress Code

If there’s one thing that you have to remember when dressing for a wedding is that you have to look gorgeous and chic, but not enough to deflect eyes off the bride and bring attention to yourself. For a subtle yet impressive outfit, think Downton Abbey – long gowns and sequined dresses. You can go with mute colors or black. Avoid white and flaunting too much cleavage as a way to be considerate of religious or cultural affiliations. For semi-formal events like this, it’s best to ditch the minis and make way with a hemline 2 -3 inches below the knee.
Black Tie Optional wedding  Black Tie Optional wedding

Cocktail Dress Code

Cocktail parties are all about socializing and having fun. When it comes to a cocktail party outfit, your options are endless – and that makes the selection even more complicated. Your safest bet would be to try keeping your attire both chic and fun, and for that:

  • Stick with midis. Too long and you’d look like you’re heading for the Oscars, too short and you’d look just in place for a girl’s night out.
  • Don’t look underdressed – ditch those jeans, go with a pair of trousers instead.
  • Go bold with the colors but keep your accessories to a minimum.

Cocktail dress
If you’ve ever shown up at a party and realized you aren’t dressed properly, this list can help you in understanding the three most common yet complicated dress codes. Learn the value of proper attire, dress for the occasion and most importantly, carry your confidence and you’ll be able to pull off any dress code without breaking a sweat.


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