2018's Must Have Accessories

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Trending accessories for 2018  

From Milan to New York – whether celebs are sitting at a Chanel Haute Couture show, or walking around the Times Square, their styles have always inspired women around the world with how fashion is done right. As we enter 2018, we witness a fresh crop of trends and it is only natural to be all over them as they are about to hit the stores. So, here are the best accessory trends of 2018 inspired from A-list celebrities to help you take your outfit from ordinary to utterly jaw-dropping. 

Tiny sunglasses  

Trends certainly are cyclical. What was cool a couple of decades ago, is all the rage this year. The trend from the 80s has lately landed on many well-known faces. From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner, celebs have forsaken their oversized frames in favor of these teeny, tiny, retro-inspired sunglasses.    

Tiny sunglassesTiny sunglasses

Transparent footwear 

Sometimes, less is more. 2017 witnessed the emerging trend of ‘barely there’ shoes, which is all set to blow up in 2018. These unadorned and simple shoes look chic, hot, effortless, and make a pretty edgy statement. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Rita Ora are often seen rocking their see-through shoes. 

Transparent Footwear

Baker boy hat  

Baker boy cap is another retro style that has taken over the fashion world by storm. These easygoing yet fashionable hats are perfect for getting a perfect weekend look and they go well with any outfit, whether structured or distressed. 

Baker Boy Hat

Belt bag 

A belt bag or waist bag is essentially a contemporary moniker of fanny packs. But unlike a fanny pack, it has an inspiring and stylish design. Its minimal aesthetic and practicality have the potential to add a dazzling functional look to any outfit. Every now and then fashion honors pure convenience and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are already sold on this trend 

Belt Bag

Statement earrings  

When was the last time flamboyant ear jewelries so trending? Amidst of all the Plain-Jane trends of 2018, one particularly not-so-plain trend of statement earrings has emerged. Despite their ‘in-your-face’ appeal, these ear adornments complement the simple no make-up looks pretty well.  

Statement earrings

The aforementioned were five accessory trends that show no indications of slowing down. However, like every trend, these trends may not seem very subtle and for some people, they may even be a disaster – a disaster that unquestionably should not have been brought to the mainstream. Whether you like them or not, though, these trends are taking over the fashion world. So, add them to your shopping list and ensure that your complete outfit looks on-trend and stylish. 


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